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Soul Support Package (4 x 80-mins)

We all have the power to heal ourselves.

But sometimes we do need an energy boost when we feel stuck, an additional support to hold a non-judgmental space and to motivate us to keep going on our Soul’s journey of healing and awakening.

Particularly when we are going through any sorts of transitions, decisions, changes, breakthroughs, initiations or into a new phase of our lives, and we need help to navigate what our next step is.

The purpose of my sessions is to offer a different perspective and to inspire you to trust your intuition and be aligned with your Soul’s guidance again.

If you resonate with the way I work and facilitate, I am honored to support you on this beautiful journey to reconnect with your soul’s wisdom and the Divine presence all around us.

Session 1: EARTH – Anchoring and Grounding

In our first session, we will be using Soul Card Reading to set the direction for our journey together by tuning into your current soul lesson and what your next step is. The takeaway from our Soul Card Reading session will serve as the anchor for the following sessions.

After every session, you will be given “Soul work”, which is usually simple and easy tasks and spiritual practices to gently help you move forward on your journey.

Spiritual practice is essential to help us stay grounded and centered, and to be connected with our Soul and the Universe (aka Spirit). If you don’t have any spiritual practice yet, don’t worry, we can find out what spiritual practice you resonate with and get started on building one that works for you.

Session 2: WATER – Releasing and Flowing

In our second session, based on where you are at your journey, we will use intuitive healing tools to balance your subtle energy bodies, such as meditation, Shamanic journeying, finger labyrinth walk, chanting and energy healing.

We will uncover the root cause of your current challenges, and release any emotional and energetic blockages to help you be in the flow again.

Session 3: FIRE – Transmuting and Inspiring

In our third session, based on where you are at your journey, we will use intuitive healing tools and/or ceremonies to help transmute whatever that no longer serves you. We will also invoke our spiritual support team for additional guidance through Shamanic journeying.

Session 4: AIR – Integrating and Moving Forward

In our last session, it is time to integrate the lessons and insights that have arisen throughout your journey. We will use Soul Card Reading again to check in with your progress, to answer any additional questions, and to determine how you can continue to strengthen your connection with your own Soul’s guidance.

Online Price:
4 x 80-minute sessions for
400 USD / 12,000 THB / 3,200 HKD
soul support package is not available at the moment,
feel free to book a single session instead
(Valid for 20 weeks after payment)

Note: All sessions will be held over Zoom.

The four sessions should be completed within a period of 16 weeks (4 months) to keep the momentum going. I recommend scheduling the sessions once every 1 to 2 weeks so you will complete all four sessions within 2 months.

Your Personalized Soul Support Package will expire after 20 weeks of your first payment, regardless if you have completed the four sessions or not. The reason is that if we wait too long in between the sessions, you will start to lose focus on your inner healing journey. Your commitment to your spiritual health and healing is key to create shifts in your life.

After every session we will set up a date for our next appointment. However, I understand that we are all busy with our lives and sometimes unexpected things may come up and we may need to reschedule. If you are unsure of fitting four sessions within four months in your current schedule, I suggest that you book for a single session first (such as Soul Card Reading or Intuitive Healing).

Due to the current nature of my work, I can only support a limited number of people at a certain period. If you are interested in booking a Personalized Soul Support Package with me, please send me a message to check for availability before making any payment.

Since no refunds will be offered, I highly recommend you trying out a 80-minute online Soul Card Reading session with me first to discover if you resonate with the way I work.

What is your heart and Soul calling you to do NOW if you know that you are supported, no matter what?

The durations of my online sessions and the ones offered at Museflower Retreat & Spa are different, and so the prices differ as well. Guests who stay at Museflower Retreat & Spa will find a slightly lower price for my sessions.

Prior to our first session, I will ask you to share your intention on why you decide on choosing the package.

We start all our sessions with checking in and setting an intention.

Each person is different and unique with where they are at their journey. I would usually begin our first session with Soul Card Reading. It helps me to tune in with what soul lesson you are currently going through and what the next step is, so it can form the basis for our following sessions.

In general, this is how the four sessions will flow:

  • Session #1: Soul Card Reading
  • Session #2: Intuitive Healing
  • Session #3: Intuitive Healing and/or Ceremonial work
  • Session #4: Soul Card Reading

For the Intuitive healing session, I will guide you through any of these tools such as meditation, Shamanic journeying, finger labyrinth walk, chanting or energy healing, depending what we uncover.

At the end of each session we will discuss your key takeaway and “Soul Work”.

“Soul Work” is like “homework”, and it is usually a simple and easy task or spiritual practice to gently help you move forward on your journey.

Of course any “Soul Work” is optional. Though by committing to following through your “Soul Work”, you will see shifts happening quicker.

Yes, you can always try out a 80-minute Soul Card Reading session with me first to see if you resonate with the way I work. If you wish to continue working with me through my Personalized Soul Support Package, the Soul Card Reading can be counted as our first session, and you can pay the remaining balance (deducting what you have paid) prior to the second session begins.

To make a booking, please email me here and I will be in touch with my availability for the upcoming two weeks.

Hong Kong (HKD): You can make a payment via Payme or Paypal (credit card).

Thailand (THB): You can make a payment via online bank transfer to my local bank account or Paypal (credit card).

Other Countries (USD): You can make a payment via Paypal which you can settle with credit card.

You may make the payment through my shop page here.

If you have any issues or questions with payment, feel free to contact me here.

All sessions will be held over Zoom, so please make sure to install or download Zoom on your computer or phone. Zoom is free to download. For Zoom to work properly, a stable internet connection is required. For more information on how to use Zoom, check out their website here:

I recommend using a computer for our session instead of a phone when possible. A computer usually provides better visual and audio quality, and for card readings you will need to be able to see the cards too.

Please also find a quiet space that you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session. Switch your phone to “Do-Not-Disturb” or Airplane mode, and let family members know that you cannot be reached during this time. It is imperative to have this quiet time and space for yourself that allows you to connect deeper into your heart and with your Soul.

You can bring a pen and paper to jot down any notes. Sessions will NOT be recorded, so please write down anything during the session that resonates with you.

Usually we will setup our first appointment before you make the payment. However sometimes life happens and we may need to reschedule our sessions. All rescheduling must be done within 20 weeks of your payment date though, as the availability of my schedule may change. Please make sure that your schedule can accommodate all our sessions prior to committing to booking this pacakge.

For any inquiries and questions, feel free to contact me here. I will get back to you within 24-72 hours. If you haven’t received my reply in one week, it may be because the email got lost in cyberspace. Should that happen, I apologize in advance, and please send me a message again here or email me directly at [email protected]

  • Payment must be settled prior to the first session as reconfirmation of your booking
  • No refunds are offered after payment is made
  • Rescheduling of the session is possible with a minimum of 2-hour notice except for emergencies, otherwise it will count as a no-show. For any no-shows, it is automatically assumed that you forfeit your session and no refunds will be made.
  • This package is only valid for 20 weeks after the first payment is made, and will expire afterwards even if the four sessions are not completed. If you need to reschedule any of your sessions, please do so within the 20 weeks of your payment date. No refunds will be made afterwards.
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