Online Intuitive Healing (80 mins)


My intuitive healing session is designed for those who want to release emotional blockages and to realign their mind, heart, soul and Spirit.

Based on where you are at your journey, we will use intuitive healing tools to balance your subtle energy bodies, such as meditation, Shamanic journeying, finger labyrinth walk, chanting and energy healing.

We will uncover the root cause of your current challenges, and release any emotional and energetic blockages to help you be in the flow again.

The end result is a feeling of coming home to your true authentic self, from a place of love, support, balance and deep trust

(Valid for 12 weeks after payment)
Note: All sessions will be held over Zoom.


Online intuitive healing is available from now till Sep 15, 2021 and then from November 1 to December 15, 2021.